The Benefits Of Metal Business Cards

22 Feb

For a unique business card that stands out consider getting a metal business card.  Not everyone receives a  metal business card from a business acquaintance  and this makes a card receiver feel special.   Those who are trying to get potential clients should give them metal business cards because they will always see them  and they are hard to throw away.

Metal business cards enhance a company's image.

Company credibility can be enhanced by the use of metal business cards.  Metal cards also advertise a company or business.    One can put a metal business card  in their wallet or pocket  and this makes  them convenient to carry around.

Since metal is used to make the business cards, they do not fade or get damaged easily.  Information written on a metal business card is permanent.   No amount of water can wash away the information in a metallic business card.   Even though metal business cards are expensive,  they make a statement about a company or business.

These metal business cards are normally carried by top management  in companies and businesses. One cannot  lose a potential client easily when they give them a metal business card.  Metal business cards have unique designs   that are visually appealing.   

Some metal card  makers offer personalized  design services.

Metal card makers can design a card with different shapes.   They are good conversation starters  in  any setting.  Metal  business cards can have mirror finishes, brushed, and matte.

Materials used to make steel business cards include steel, carbon fibre  and aluminium.  Some of the designs available are cutouts,  die-cut shapes, vibrant  colours, dual plating,  layered etching and etched texture.  

Just like a normal paper card, a metal business card will have your name and the work that you do.  Metal cards can be designed to reflect your personality.   Most metal cards are simple in design without cluttered information.

When clients keep looking at a metal card you know you've got a good design.  Metal cards can be made in different thicknesses.   It is possible to include logo designs on metal business cards.  Raised or recessed logos can be implemented on metal business cards.

Metal cards should always have readable text.  One does not always have to use graphics in a metal card,  they can use typography to pass information across and  for decorative purposes.   Clients  who choose  metal cards with color  have more noticeable cards than those who do not use color.

Different finishes for metal cards will ensure that one does not have  fingerprints on their metal business cards.   Clients who wish to have special cards can request for gold plating or silver plating.   Clients can receive good advice during the designing of a metal card from metal card makers. Watch this video at and know more about business cards.

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